Medic One Ambulance Discovers a Safer Way Lift

Location: Medic One Ambulance – Jonesboro, AR

Provider:  Charles Jones, CCEMT-P, FP-C, AHLS

Patient Event: Obese patient lying supine and in need of lift assistance

> The Situation

Immediately after training with the Binder Lift for the first time Charles Jones and his partner were dispatched on a 9-1-1 call that may have resulted in a much different outcome if dispatched an hour earlier. The patient was found lying supine on a bed located in the back room of an old mobile home. Three narrow doorways and three sharp turns stood between the patient and the stretcher. The patient had several comorbidities causing severe fatigue, hypotension, and pressure ulcers on her heels. Walking the patient 25ft  to the stretcher wasn’t  an option. Weighing    approximately

200lbs, she wasn’t too heavy for Jones and his partner to lift, but they had nothing to hold on to and little room to work with. According to Jones, “If this call would have come in just an hour prior we would have got the patient out, but we would have had a much higher risk of hurting ourselves, or we would have hurt the patient.”

> The Binder Lift Difference

Because of the patient’s hypotension Jones and his partner had to ensure they did not cause further harm by moving her too quickly. They slowly log rolled her onto the Binder Lift and easily fastened it around her. From there they were able to carry the majority of the patient’s weight while she went through the motions of walking. With Jones in front and his partner behind they navigated the narrow doorways and sharp turns with relative ease. “Once we had the Binder Lift on the patient we had all the different handles we could utilize,” said Jones. “I literally don’t know how we could have got that patient out any better, than with using the Binder Lift. It was absolutely the perfect tool for the job.” If the patient called any earlier that day she would have found herself tightly strapped to a spine board while being dangerously maneuvered through her home. Instead, the Binder Lift bridged the gap between her bed and the stretcher, proving to be the perfect tool for the job.


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