Teleflex Announces Urgent Recall for MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device

Teleflex Medical is recalling these products as they may not deliver a fully atomized plume of medication. Teleflex Medical has received complaints that the affected lots produced a straight stream instead of an atomized spray. The failure of the device to deliver an atomized plume may impair the effectiveness of the medication with which it is used. This can lead to serious injury or death in certain emergency situations, such as where the device is used in an off-label manner for needle-free delivery of drugs for reversal of life threatening narcotic overdose, reversal of life threatening hypoglycemia, or treatment of epileptic seizures.

·      The recall involves most of the Teleflex stock and the company in now classifying the device as in “critical shortage.”

·      Teleflex is not able to replace recalled product and is only offering credit only at this time. Teleflex is unable to provide a timeframe when the product will be available in the future.


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